Menstrual underwear, menstrual cups and incontinence underwear

Menstrual cups and sterilisers

For your hygiene and health, it is very important that your menstrual cup is always disinfected and clean.

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Frequently asked questions

Why order at MissVerde?

MissVerde is an international brand that offers an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional menstrual products. Tampons and pads are products that contain plastics and toxic substances that are neither biodegradable nor reusable. Our eco-friendly menstrual cups are 100% environmentally friendly and can last up to 10 years, saving the planet a huge environmental impact. Our goal is to make the world a better and greener place.

Which menstrual panty should I choose?

MissVerde menstrual briefs are classified according to their absorbency. Find your menstrual panty and check its absorbency in the description. Choose colour and size, and order your absorbent underwear, choosing from moderate to very heavy flow. We also have menstrual panties for girls and teenagers, with adapted sizes.

Which materials are MissVerde briefs made of?

We use the most body-friendly and 100% eco-friendly materials. Our menstrual panties feature the latest technologies in absorption. They are made with innovative materials such as bamboo fibre or organic cotton. At MissVerde we do not use bleach, plastics or perfumes. Our reusable absorbent panties protect the planet.

What are the absorbency levels of MissVerde menstrual underwear?

MissVerde menstrual panties currently offer 3 levels of absorbency, depending on your menstrual flow, with a choice of: Light - equivalent to using 1 to 2 pads or tampons (5-10 ml); Moderate - equivalent to using 3 to 4 pads or tampons (15-20 ml); Heavy - equivalent to using 5 pads or tampons (20-30 ml).

How should I use MissVerde menstrual panties?

Our menstrual knickers are very comfortable, so you don't have to do anything more than wear them as if they were normal panties. You won't even notice you're wearing them and you'll be protected in your everyday life. Buy your menstrual panties and live your life.

How to wash menstrual underwear?

Caring for your menstrual panty is very simple. You can wash it by hand, gently rubbing the crotch area. Of course, you can also put it in the washing machine, but always use programmes for delicate fabrics or garments. Do not use bleach, fabric softener or chemical substances as this could affect the absorbent part of the knickers. Finally, dry them naturally, never tumble dry. For the #MissVerdeCares Care Guide click here

What are MissVerde menstrual cups and why are they the best cups?

Our MissVerde menstrual cup is a container made entirely of hypoallergenic medical grade silicone. It is a material specially designed to be safe inside the human body for long periods of time. The MissVerde menstrual cup does not unbalance the healthy conditions of your vagina or deposit fibres of any kind on the vaginal walls, so it has no negative effect on your body. All MissVerde menstrual cups are FDA registered and is free of toxic substances, latex or bleach. They are suitable for light, moderate and heavy menstruation.

What is the MissVerde electric steam steriliser?

Our electric steam steriliser is an innovative solution for cleaning your menstrual cup. It is compatible with all sizes and types of menstrual cups, even menstrual cups bought in some supermarkets. It is very easy to use: just fill it with a little water and press the on button. Thanks to the steam and in less than 10 minutes your menstrual cup will be completely clean and free of bacteria. The electric steriliser has a safety system and will automatically switch off when it runs out of water. Buy your steam steriliser at MissVerde.

What are MissVerde Wet bags?

With our waterproof bags you will have no problem carrying your menstrual cup anywhere you want. To avoid leaks or stains, they are completely waterproof both inside and out.

Absorbent lingerie

At MissVerde, absorbent underwear for men and women is not just another type of garment. It's a lifestyle, a solution to looking after your intimate health, carrying a sustainable menstruation or incontinence, and at the same time feeling good, whenever and wherever you are. We have absorbent panties and intimate cups in all different sizes and colours and for all ages. Discover how easy it is to choose the underwear that best suits you. Choose your perfect garment from our variety of models, styles and designs.

Why choose absorbent lingerie from MissVerde?

MissVerde underwear is made for all bodies, for both women and men. Our garments give you the ideal comfort and softness for every moment of the day, thanks to the materials used: organic cotton and bamboo fibre. At MissVerde, softness and comfort will always be there for you.

Sustainable menstruation or incontinence

MissVerde believes in the need to work on and explore ways to have a more ecological and easier to live a more sustainable (greener) menstruation or incontinence. An eco-friendly period is not only possible, but with MissVerde menstrual cups and panties it is also very easy.

Discover our reusable intimate hygiene products that have less impact on the planet and are 100% safe for your health. In our online shop you can mix and match as you like, according to the needs you decide. Choose the ideal menstrual panties for heavy or light periods that you like best and combine them in your own way. Whether you need an absorbent garment for men's or women's light or moderate incontinence, you can choose the ideal model for you, with the perfect design, material and absorbency. It's time to move on to a more sustainable and comfortable life with a menstrual cup. Our menstrual cups are made of 100% medical silicone, a non-polluting material that does not alter or change the body's natural bacterial flora. This eco-friendly alternative is very affordable as it can last up to ten years.

Intimate health is the most important thing

The multi-layer technology of MissVerde's absorbent underwear provides the sensation of dryness on contact with the skin. The extraordinary breathability and freshness of bamboo fibre and organic cotton gives your skin the ability to breathe freely. The composition of our absorbent lingerie does not contain any substances that pose health risks and has a high absorption capacity, making our panties ideal for both menstruation and bladder weakness. On the other hand, our electric steriliser is a new and innovative solution for cleaning, sterilising and caring for your menstrual cup. In our blog we will explain in detail why it is so important to clean and sterilise your menstrual cup every cycle.

The softness that speaks for you

What's better than incredible softness in our underwear - being able to choose a design that matches your style and any outfit you want to wear! Enjoy impeccable softness until the last moment of the day or the most relaxing moments of the week. All MissVerde's absorbent underwear is made with cotton or bamboo fibre to provide the perfect comfort and gentleness for your body. Underwear contributes to a person's well-being and safety, improving their quality of life. Feel the comfort and protection you need, with maximum discretion.

Improving is part of our culture. This is our idea of ​​sustainability and education.