Improving is part of our culture. This is our idea of sustainability.

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    Sustainable menstrual cups

    Our eco-friendly menstrual cups are reusable and made from medical grade silicone. All disposable intimate hygiene products contain ingredients that are potentially hazardous to health, up to 90% of the composition of a sanitary towel or 6% in the case of a tampon. This also generates large volumes of waste. Our menstrual cups are respectful of the planet.

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    Ecologic menstrual underwear

    MissVerde menstrual panties are made from 100% eco-friendly materials and are free of toxic substances. They are fully reusable and reduce menstrual waste, making a big difference to the environment. Shopping our absorbent panties helps our planet.

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    Save money with MissVerde

    Menstruation with MissVerde is much more economical. The average monthly expenditure on menstrual hygiene products is approximately €15. That's a cost of €1,800 every 10 years. However, as our menstrual cup is made of reusable silicone, it can last up to 10 years. Shop your menstrual cup and start saving.

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More than 45 billion sanitary pads are discarded worldwide every year. These products take more than 500 years to degrade in nature!

A menstruating person has around 450 cycles between their first and last menstruation, which means the use of approximately 7,200 non-reusable sanitary products.

We can spend up to €18,000 on disposable products.

A menstrual cup can last up to 10 years!

An absorbent panty can last up to 5 years!

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    Our awareness of the quality and importance of our products, people's well-being, your body positivity and the inclusion of all menstruating people or those who suffer from involuntary urine leakage. We strive to improve quality of life.
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    Our organic cotton menstrual underwear is the perfect investment. Period panties are breathable, comfortable, body and environmentally friendly, ánd toxin-free. Cotton is able to absorb excess moisture and prevent heat build-up from your body without odours. Organic cotton contains no harmful toxins, making it the ideal menstrual panty material.
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    Bamboo fibre is a natural, fresh, antibacterial and ecological textile material. Bamboo fibre is a natural regenerated cellulose fibre, manufactured 100% from bamboo cane through a process that applies the most advanced technologies, always respecting the environment.
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We love the environment and are dedicated to working towards a better and sustainable future. That is why we are determined to change the world into greener experience. The best thing about absorbent underwear is that, at the end of its long life, you can donate the garment to textile recycling.

As for our silicone menstrual cup, when it's time to say goodbye, you can burn it to ashes. Its incineration does not generate toxic smoke. Medical silicone is made from silica, which is found in sand. This silicone is manufactured by a chemical process from natural materials, so the ash that remains is not harmful to the environment. If for some reason it ends up in nature, it will decompose without affecting the environment.
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The impact of the use

of non-reusable products is something to be taken seriously given that each menstruating person consumes thousands of pads and tampons during almost four decades of their life, even more with incontinence, which is undoubtedly costly in both economic and environmental terms.