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Why use absorbent panties?

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Maximum protection

MissVerde proudly presents the latest innovation in period underwear: the Double Liquid Lock technology. Ultra-lightweight bamboo fibre, 100% waterproof and full leak-proof protection. Designed for heavy flow with reinforced sides, these high waist briefs have an absorbency capacity equivalent to 4 pads or tampons.

How to choose your panties?

MissVerde offers menstrual underwear and incontinence protection in various designs and for different flows. Choose your slips depending on your preferences, like Organic cotton or Bamboo Fibre, and the intensity of your menstrual flow. All our menstrual briefs can be worn for up to 8 hours.

Do all briefs have an anti-bacterial function?

Absolutely. Unlike cotton, bamboo has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. Bamboo contains a unique natural antibacterial and bacteriostatic agent called "bamboo kun" and even after several washes the bamboo fibre fabric still retains excellent antibacterial properties.

Are period panties sustainable?

Yes. MissVerde´s absorbent underwear is sustainable and reusable, up to 5 years per pair!. All briefs are a healthier, natural and better solution for your intimate hygiene. Our products are 100% plastic free and are a conscious eco-friendly choice. Plus, you also contribute to the prevention of menstrual waste!

What is bamboo fibre?

Bamboo is a perennial plant from which bamboo fibre, a naturally occurring artificial viscose, is made. Compared to other trees, the use of bamboo requires fewer natural resources because it grows rapidly in dense forests and without the need for pesticides and fertilisers. It also feels really soft on your skin! Bamboo Fibre made undergarments are a smart, sustainable and eco-friendly choice.

The advantages of bamboo fibre

The extraordinary breathability and freshness of bamboo fibre gives your skin the ability to breathe freely. It is full of micropores and has a high absorption capacity making our briefs ideal for both period and bladder weakness.

Double Bonded Liquid Lock Technology

Made with ultra-absorbent, leak-proof fabrics, MissVerde Bonded features four layers, each with a specific function that blocks leaks. Feel safe and secure all day long!

Wearing versatile absorbent underwear

Our Bonded models are reusable underwear that can be used for menstruation and urinary incontinence.

A Must-Have for your wardrobe!

The Double Bonded Liquid Lock period panties are very versatile, adjusting perfectly to all types of silhouettes. Ideal for those who are looking for stretchy briefs with a silky smooth feel.

A tested, certified high quality garment

All our underwear is OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified, so you can be sure that all components have been tested against more than 300 harmful substances and that the article is therefore 100% safe and environmentally friendly.