Period swimwear for girls

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Seamless menstrual bikini voor girls

MissVerde menstrual bikinis for girls have invisible seams. This makes them more comfortable to wear and avoids annoying marks on the skin or unflattering cuts. Now girls and teens can enjoy the water with peace of mind and in style, thanks to our seamless menstrual bikini for girls. No one will know a traditional bikini from our menstrual bikini.

More information about our menstrual swimwear for girls

What is a period swimsuit for girls and teens?

A menstrual bikini or period one piece swimsuit for girls is swimwear designed to provide comfort and safety while doing water sports during menstruation. It is designed with an absorbent layer that helps prevent leakage, allowing girls and teens to swim worry-free. Discover an option for girls to enjoy their days at the beach or pool in complete freedom with our menstrual swimwear and bikinis for girls.

How do period bikinis for girls work?

Both our menstrual bikini for girls and our menstrual swimming costume have an ultra-thin absorbent layer, which quickly absorbs period blood, allowing girls to swim and play sports without worrying about any leakage. Our menstrual bikini for girls is recommended for light to moderate flows.

Why use period swimwear for girls and teenagers?

At MissVerde we are aware that a menstrual bikini for girls is an intimate garment that should be easy to use, comfortable and safe. So our daughters, nieces and friends can enjoy being in the water without worrying about their periods. There are many reasons why it is advisable to use the MissVerde menstrual bikini for girls:

  • Comfortable: MissVerde menstrual bikinis for girls are made of comfortable and soft fabrics, so they fit your body naturally.
  • Easy to wear: perfect for first periods and period-beginners. Just slip on the bikini or menstrual swimsuit and enjoy the water during your period.
  • Discreet: it is important that a menstrual bikini for girls is discreet. Thanks to the ultra-thin absorbent layer, no one will notice that you are wearing a menstrual bikini. It is ideal for girls who want to feel comfortable while enjoying a swim or water sport.
  • Eco-friendly: Menstrual bikinis for girls are washable and reusable. They are the perfect choice to respect the environment. No need for tampons!
  • Active during menstruation: menstrual bikinis and swimming costumes are the perfect garment to wear during your daily physical activities. Don't be afraid to enjoy a swim or play sports in the water. Our menstrual bikinis for girls are absorbent and prevent odours and leaks.