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Electric Steriliser MissVerde

Electric Steriliser MissVerde

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Intense steam eliminates germs and micro-organisms. Practical, discreet and very easy to use!


We all know that it is very important to keep your intimate cup disinfected.

Daily cleaning of the cup only removes some of the surface bacteria and odour. There are two different things you should do every cycle to keep your menstrual cup clean: clean your cup between each use and disinfect your cup before and after your cycle. Sterilisation completely removes all bacteria and keeps the cup disinfected and ready for use.

The MissVerde Electric Steamsteriliser for menstrual cups is very easy to use. Thanks to MissVerde's electric steam steriliser you'll eliminate germs, viruses and bacteria up to 99.9%! in just 8 minutes. 

Menstrual cup not included.


The MissVerde electric steam steriliser is designed for safely and efficiently cleaning menstrual cups.

Add water until the hole inside the steriliser is full. Put your menstrual cup inside and put the lid on. Press the button and wait until the steriliser turns off automatically. Caution: when sterilisation is complete, avoid touching the top of the lid, it may be hot.

Compatible with all types of menstrual cups. In addition, it can be used for other intimate products made of silicone, rubber, latex and TPU.


15 cm x 9 cm


The steriliser is made of environmentally friendly, non-toxic polypropylene (PP).

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Sterilise your menstrual cup with hot steam

Steam sterilisation of menstrual cups is a relatively new option. With the Electric Steriliser we leave the old-fashioned sterilisation methods behind and make disinfecting your cup quick and easy. No more boiling on the stove!

MissVerde Steam steriliser to disinfect your menstrual cup

Why is it important to sterilise your menstrual cup?

We all know it is important to disinfected a menstrual cup. Like all intimate products, it must be free of bacteria and fungi before use to avoid possible infections.

Sterilising is not the same as cleaning the menstrual cup. Cleaning the menstrual cup is something that is done on a daily basis and only removes some of the surface bacteria and odour. Sterilisation, on the other hand, completely removes all bacteria and disinfects the menstrual cup.

How often should a menstrual cup be sterilised?

It is advisable to sterilise the menstrual cup at least once a month. This can be before menstruation or at the end of your period. But you are free to sterilise your menstrual cup as often as you like with the electric steriliser. The steam does not damage your cup. If you feel more comfortable with a daily sterilisation, go for it!

How do I use the steam steriliser for the menstrual cup?

Disinfecting your menstrual cup with the Electric Steam Steriliser is very easy. Add water until the steriliser is full. Place your menstrual cup inside and put the lid on. Press the power button and wait until the steriliser turns itself off. It is important to be careful not to immediately touch the lid of the steriliser when you have finished, as it may be hot.

How long is the menstrual cup in the electric steriliser?

As well as being easy, sterilising your menstrual cup with the MissVerde Electric Steriliser is very quick, just wait 8 minutes and your menstrual cup will be free of bacteria, viruses, fungus and odours.

Can I sterilise menstrual cups from other brands, such as Diva cup, MeLuna cup?

Yes. Our Electric Steriliser is the solution to completely disinfect your menstrual cup of any brand. It is also compatible with all types of menstrual cups. You can disinfect your DivaCup menstrual cup in our Electric Steam Steriliser. You can also disinfect other products made of silicone, rubber, latex or TPU in it.

How do I clean the menstrual cup in public bathrooms?

Menstruation waits for no one. You have to be ready for it at any time. If you are away from home, you can clean your menstrual cup in any bathroom with a little water. Our menstrual cup Carry Cup steriliser is a good option to carry your menstrual cup and you can clean your cup . Fill it with water, put your cup in it and shake it for 30 seconds, then empty it into the toilet through the three holes at the top.

What happens if I don't sterilise my menstrual cup?

The menstrual cup should always be clean. Keep in mind that it is an intimate product that you insert into your vagina and it is very important to make sure that it does not contain any bacteria before using it. It is also important to wash your hands before touching the menstrual cup.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Elise v.W.

A very cute steriliser. I use different menstrual cups and a disc and it all works. The steamer looks cute and cleans everything in just a few minutes. Going to buy one for my sister as a Christmas present!

Begoña Romero Marín
Muy útil. Me da tranquilidad.

Me preocupaba no dejar la copa correctamente higienizada y no sabía si al tenerla mucho tiempo en agua hirviendo, perjudicaba la calidad del material … en fin, el esterilizador con la temperatura y el tiempo ya programado me quita de dudas. Además es muy fácil de utilizar, pequeño y muy mono (esto es una tontería, pero todo cuenta…). Lo recomiendo sin duda.

María Martínez
Todo un descubrimiento!!

Estoy encantada porque me incomodaba bastante esterilizar mi copa en la cocina donde están las cosas de alimentación y siempre esterilizaba a horas que los niños no me viesen y una sola vez por ciclo.
El esterilizador lo utilizo en el baño que es donde tiene más sentido y, además de que es una monada, esterilizo más veces que antes porque es mucho más cómodo y no me cuesta nada mientras me lavo en el baño.
Además ya no pasa nada si están los niños porque es donde tiene sentido usar las cosas de higiene.
Lo recomiendo a todo el mundo!! Es súper higiénico!