Menstrual briefs Care Guide

To take care of your items, is to make them last longer

See the frequently asked questions to extend the life of your favourite absorbent garments.

Wash before use

Always wash your new period panties and incontinence underwear before use, to activate the absorbent technology and to remove possible excess dye in the textile.

Wash inside-out

Wash the absorbent underwear inside out when machine washing, and avoid overfilling, as this can cause friction and damage to the fibres.

Wash at low temperature

To make your underwear last for as long as possible, wash at 30ºC with natural laundry detergent to keep the fabric clean and soft, and also to prevent colour fading. Washing at 30° or less helps reduce emissions, while also protecting your period underwear. Always check the care label for specific instructions.

Use eco-friendly detergent

Standard detergents may contain substances based on fossil fuels, which can have negative effects on the environment as they are not biodegradable. The use of specialised products, such as a range of eco-friendly detergents and gentle hand washing, can also go a long way in helping your most precious garments last longer.

Use a laundry bag for delicate items

Your menstrual underwear and delicate materials such as lace, embellished items and studs, should always be washed separately in a laundry bag. Laundry bags provide protection of more delicate fabrics and protect the washing machine and other clothes during washing.

Air dry, hang to dry

Please do not tumble dry the absorbent underwear as this will damage its fibres and absorbent area.
Instead, hang either outside on the washing line, drying rack or on hangers to air dry. Most garments will last longer and keep their shape if air dried. Air drying is also more gentle for your clothes, as well as the planet compared to tumble drying, which uses a lot of energy , and may shrink your clothes.

Consult care labels

Different materials need different approaches to laundering.

Pay careful attention to the instructions on the label, which advise you on the maximum recommended temperature an item should be washed at, as well as drying instructions.

Do not iron, do not tumble dry

Menstrual briefs and incontinence underwear should not be tumble-dried or ironed as these create negative effects on the absorbency capability and absorbency capacity of the briefs. It is best to hang the underwear to dry in the open air or lay flat.

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