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Incontinence briefs high waist cotton

Incontinence briefs high waist cotton

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Discreet, comfortable and washable. 200ml absorbency. Neutralises odours and provides anti-bacterial protection. Anti-allergenic.

  • Reusable
  • Washable
  • Anti allergic

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This revolutionary underwear is the solution for incontinence. It is specifically designed for mild to moderate levels of incontinence. The undergarments are ultra-absorbent, reusable and washable.

The patented technology has been tested by different referenced institutions. Laboratory tests have proven its effectiveness in absorbing liquids and completely neutralising odours.

The four-layer absorbent zone allows up to 300 ml of urine to be retained for men, and up to 200 ml for women, without the urine coming into contact with the skin. The seams are sealed with a waterproof outer layer to ensure no leakage, increasing the effectiveness of the product.

The Incontinence underwear has an innovative technology that prevents the leakage of liquids due to the multi-layers guaranteeing the sensation of dryness upon skin contact and thus avoiding skin irritation and the need to change underwear during the day.

Washable and reusable: Machine washable up to 40º. Eco-friendly product.

Super absorbent: The multifunctional zone structure provides effective and safe absorption.

Waterproof: Retained liquid is kept in the multifunctional zone.

Sealed seams: Innovative technology prevents leakage of liquids.

Dry on skin contact: Multi-layer technology ensures a dry feel on skin contact.

Odour neutralising: The materials used completely neutralise unpleasant odours, such as ammonia.

Increased comfort: The multifunctional zone of four thin layers provides total comfort.

Anti-allergenic: Its composition does not contain any substances that pose a health risk.

More economical: Eliminates the need to buy disposable products, which effectively reduces costs.

Increased self-esteem: The security and freedom of movement make you feel as good as before, which helps to increase your self-esteem.

Composition and care

Composition: made of cotton.

These absorbent incontinence briefs should be treated with the same care as normal underwear and can be machine washed in programmes up to 40 degrees. Always follow the instructions on the label. The absorbent part of the incontinence brief should not be ironed.
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Frequently asked questions about incontinence underwear

What is incontinence underwear?

Incontinence underwear is exactly what it sounds like: reusable absorbent briefs that can absorb urine leakage and, after being washed in the washing machine, can be reused like normal underwear. The main difference is that reusable underwear has a built-in gusset that absorbs urine.

Why choose incontinence underwear?

Many women use pads instead of incontinence briefs because they seem cheaper, but they do not have the same technology. Reusable pads and other reusable products stay wet and can irritate the skin. Reusable incontinence pants feel just like normal underwear and offer a discreet, soft, adaptable and highly absorbent solution. They are made of softer, stretchier cotton fabrics, natural, non-toxic materials and are much more comfortable than disposable products.

How does incontinence underwear work?

This revolutionary underwear is designed specifically for men and women with mild to moderate incontinence problems. Also known as "pull-ups", these one-piece garments are easy to put on and take off. Absorbent incontinence briefs have varying levels of absorbency for both day and night and are a great option for those looking for a discreet protection.

How do the briefs help with incontinence?

  • Anti-allergenic: due to its composition, it does not pose any allergic risk to the user's health.
  • Ultra-absorbent: The special fibres and the structure of the functional zone provide effective and safe absorption.
  • Waterproof: Retained urine does not pass through, remaining inside the multifunctional layer.
  • Sealed seams: The seams are sealed with an innovative technology, which does not allow leakage and increases the effectiveness of the product.
  • Dry on skin contact: Due to its multi-layer technology, the sensation on contact with the skin is dry, allowing a pleasant feeling of well-being.
  • Neutralises unpleasant odours: The raw materials used in the patented multi-functional area, on contact with urine, completely neutralises unpleasant odours.
  • Improves quality of life: With these panties you improve your day-to-day activity with total safety and freedom of movement.
  • Washable and reusable: 100% eco-friendly product. In the same way as normal underwear, this article is washable and reusable.
  • Economical: The purchase of disposable products is unnecessary, providing an effective cost saving.

The benefits of choosing reusable underwear for incontinence

✓ The cost. Indeed, absorbent underwear seems a bit more expensive at first. But given the price of disposables, and the fact that you have to keep buying them over and over again, reusables are much cheaper in the long run.

Wicking and absorbent technology to keep you dry, special fabrics that help eliminate odour, and stylish designs that are very hard to find in disposable products.
It is underwear designed specifically to absorb urine leakage, featuring patented technology precisely for incontinence. MissVerde offers panties that feature wicking and absorbent technology to keep you dry, special fabrics that help eliminate odour and stylish designs that are hard to find in disposable products.

✓ Look just like underwear. Reusable incontinence underwear features a stylish and comfortable design, has the same look and feel as everyday underwear, but provides the added security of an extra built-in absorbent that offers comfort and discreet support for light incontinence. Because they use softer, stretchier, natural and non-toxic materials, they will be more comfortable than disposable ones. No one will know you are wearing incontinence briefs.

✓ Machine washable. The great thing about reusables is that you can put them in the washing machine and wash them as you would normal lingerie or underpants. As with all incontinence products, it is important to make a reasonable estimate of how many panties you will need in a given period of time to ensure you have enough to allow for drying between washes.

✓ Safe & protected. Feel the comfort and protection you need against urine leakage, with maximum discretion. Everyday life is often difficult for people who suffer from incontinence. They avoid being away from home for long periods of time and many sufferers isolate themselves for fear of unexpected leakage and embarrassment. Many are reluctant to wear nappies or disposable pads when playing sports or working. Disposable pads are difficult to change on the go and give a feeling of wearing baby clothes or diapers. In the case of absorbent incontinence underwear, absorbent gussets inside briefs, boxers or knickers provide perfect protection for a maximum of 300ml fluids!

✓ Health. Urinary incontinence can be an embarrassing problem that can affect social life, leading to isolation, which affects physical and psychological health. One feature that makes incontinence briefs necessary is psychological support as it will make you forget that you suffer from this small disorder. Absorbent pull-on underwear can be pulled down easily, encouraging independence while providing protection against accidents. In addition, the materials and design are more similar to normal underwear than to disposable absorbent products. The panties contribute to a person's well-being and safety, improving their quality of life. Feel the comfort and protection you need against urine leakage, with maximum discretion.

✓ They are not just for urine leakage. The panties are very versatile and are designed not only for urine leaks: they can be used for light and moderate incontinence, menstruation, sweating and other body fluids, making the decision of what to wear at any given moment a piece of cake.

✓They're eco-friendly. Are you concerned about the environment? Using reusable incontinence underwear will give you peace of mind that you're not contributing to landfill but instead helping towards a better environmentally friendly future.

✓ Wonderfully discreet. Incontinence undergarments are far more discreet than disposable products. They really do look like normal underwear. Other people probably won't suspect you're wearing an absorbent product.

✓Increased self-esteem. The security and freedom make you feel as good as you did before, boosting your self-esteem.

Can I wash my absorbent underwear together with other clothes?

Yes, just turn them inside out, rinse them quickly and put them in the washing machine with the rest of the clothes. Wash on a gentle cycle before first use and after each use. Do not tumble dry to avoid heat damage to the fibres and absorbent layers. Never iron the gusset of the underwear. For proper care, we recommend rinsing absorbent panties initially in cold water, machine washing in lukewarm water at 40°C and then leaving to air dry. Fabric softeners and bleach should be avoided.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Genial!! Muy cómodas y eficaces. Muy contenta con la compra.

Begoña Romero Marín
Por fin una buena solución

Muy contenta por esta compra. Se lo regalé a mi madre para ver si iba más cómoda que con lo que ella utilizaba (salvaslip, compresa) y me ha encargado otra. Así que es la mejor respuesta.

Rita Hamers
Perfecte maat, pasvorm en comfort

Ik heb de slip gekocht voor een lange vliegreis. Gisteren per ongeluk aangetrokken en ik kwam er pas in de namiddag achter dat ik de incontinentieslip had aangetrokken. Zeer comfortabel, goede pasvorm en de 2XL is perfect voor een maatje meer. Ik ben aangenaam verrast!!

Jantina P.
Las compré para mi abuelita

Mi abuelita de 88 años ♥️ padece de incontinencia. No puede salir más de una de su casa con una compresa de Tena puesta. Le compre un par de bragas altas de MissVerde porque íbamos fuera un fin de semana y el viaje en coche era de tres horas. Al principio estaba muy preocupada y le costó ponerse la braga porque estaba acostumbrada a las compresas. Las probó antes de irse de viaje y vaya cambio inesperado. Se fue de compras y llegó a casa totalmente seca. 🥰👍 Eso no le había pasado en años. Lloró de felicidad. Lo que también le gusta mucho de las bragas es que parecen bragas normales. El viaje estuvo muy bien también ☺️☺️. ¡¡Le compraré más!!

Esta braga ha sido un descubrimiento total

Una amiga me recomendó estas bragas porque viajo mucho y siempre voy incómoda al tener miedo de tener escapes de orina. Dudé mucho pero al final me decidí y ha sido la mejor elección, vaya descubrimiento! Me permite viajar con toda tranquilidad. Las bragas absorben mucho y a la vez me siento seca y no huelen. Las recomiendo 100%.