Men's Incontinence briefs

Men's incontinence underwear collection

Many men suffer from urinary incontinence problems and are forced to buy expensive and uncomfortable disposable products. MissVerde has also thought of all those men with incontinence and that's why we present our collection of men's incontinence briefs.

Our range of men's incontinence products is the perfect solution for male urinary incontinence. Because, although we don't talk about it too much, men are also limited by this health problem. Our bladder weakness pants are comfortable, discreet and ultra-absorbent. 

Shop MissVerde for the cheapest and most comfortable bladder weakness pants on the market.

Frequently asked questions about men's incontinence briefs

What is underwear for men's incontinence?

If you are a man and you suffer from urinary incontinence you are probably already familiar with this situation and you are using some absorbent product to control it.

At MissVerde we have good news, that you will surely like to read, if you buy lots and lots of disposable products for male urinary incontinence, MissVerde presents the urinary incontinence briefs. With our incontinence underwear you can live a normal and active life, just like with regular underwear. Our incontinence briefs are so comfortable that you won't even notice you're wearing incontinence underwear - you or anyone else! They're very discreet.

How do men's incontinence briefs work?

Male bladder weakness underwear has no special use. It works just like your regular briefs. The only difference with incontinence pants is that they have a protective layer in the crotch area to prevent urine leakage, while keeping you dry all day.

How to wash underwear for bladder weakness?

One of the advantages of incontinence briefs is that they can be washed in the washing machine along with the rest of your clothes. It is advisable to use a delicate cycle and always wash in cold water. Allow to air dry and do not tumble dry as this may damage the fibres of the absorbent layer.

The best-fitting incontinence briefs

Our bladder weakness briefs have an attractive design that fits your body perfectly. This means that our incontinence underwear briefs are just like normal boxer shorts or briefs. No one will notice you're wearing them and you can live with your best life without worrying about urine leakage.

Incontinence briefs 100% eco-friendly

All our products are made to protect the environment. If you want to do your bit for the planet, buy our incontinence products. Made from sustainable, plastic-free materials.