Menstrual sportswear

At MissVerde we believe you can do anything if you have the right menstrual product.

  • Menstrual sportswear

    Whether it's running or lifting weights, our menstrual sports line replaces pads and tampons completely thanks to leak-proof, absorbent multi-layer technology.

  • Sport without leaks

    One of the main obstacles to exercising during menstruation is the fear of leakage. That's why MissVerde sportswear is designed to prevent leakage thanks to an absorbent multi-layer reinforcement that is completely invisible from the outside.

  • Sustainability

    Sustainable sport is also possible with MissVerde. Our goal is to offer sustainable menstrual solutions to reduce the menstrual waste that impacts our planet every day. Our trousers will protect you during menstruation, completely replacing the use of pads and tampons.

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Leggings and shorts for your period

Frequently asked questions about period sportswear

Why switch to menstrual sportswear?

Have you ever used your period as an excuse to skip gym class? So have we!

But it doesn't have to be that way. Staying active is essential for a healthy body and mind. With all the benefits of exercise, you shouldn't let your period stop you from being active. Choose activities that suit you and how you feel.

At MissVerde we believe that, if you have the right kind of menstrual protection, you can do anything. In our shop you will find all the right period products to help you feel comfortable and fresh in whatever activity you choose.

Can you exercise when you are on your period?

Many women wonder if it is possible to exercise when on your period. The answer is easy: yes! We all know that exercising can help to promote a healthy lifestyle. During menstruation, women need to consider their sports clothes, the time they will spend out of the house, etc. MissVerde's menstrual sportswear is comfortable, made of stretch materials that will allow you freedom of movement in your day to day life.

Doing sport safely and comfortably with MissVerde

If you're on your period, you've probably had days when your cycle has affected your training plans, or you've had doubts about how and when you should exercise during your period.

With MissVerde's sports line you won't have that proble! The menstrual trousers and leggings are leakproof and specially designed to help you hit the gym without worrying. They feature specially treated fabrics that are quick-drying, breathable and antibacterial.

Enjoying your work-out

It is essential that sportswear makes women feel comfortable and protected when they are on their period.

MissVerde wants to use this moment to inspire future generations, showing all girls and women that there is no need for periods to stop you from leading a healthy and balanced life.