Carry Cup steriliser for menstrual cups

white Carry Cup with menstrual cup inside, hands holding Carry Cup making a shaking movement, hand pouring water out, Carry Cup in microwave

  • With the MissVerde Carry Cup steriliser you are sure to maintain good daily intimate cleanliness. The cup is made of 100% medical grade silicone, just like our menstrual cups.

  • The design features 3 holes in the lid for easy pouring. Ideal for when you want to rinse your cup in public places in a discreet way.

  • The Carry Cup´s function as a steriliser is very simple. As it is a microwave-safe container, you can disinfect your cup in just 2 minutes.

  • You will eliminate bacteria, viruses and fungi up to 99.9%!
Como doblar la copa menstrual 8 ocho pliegues 8 easy ways to fold your menstrual cup

8 easy ways to fold your menstrual cup

The way the cup is folded is key to a good fit, and a good fit is vital for comfortable and efficient use of the menstrual cup. There are several techniques for folding the cup. Take your time to find what works best for you and that you feel most comfortable with.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I clean my menstrual cup?

The menstrual cup should be cleaned at least every 12 hours during menstruation. It is also very important to sterilise it at the end of each period (at least once a month). With the Carry Cup steriliser, you can clean your cup wherever you are, as this container can be used for rinsing your cup in public places and for sterilising it in the microwave. For perfect sterilisation we recommend using the MissVerde electric steam steriliser.

How do I use the MissVerde Carry Cup steriliser?

It's really easy to use the Carry Cup. Just open it and fill it with a little water before entering the toilet (make sure you wash your hands beforehand). Remove the cup and pour the contents into the toilet. Place the menstrual cup in the container and close the lid. Shake it gently and pour the water into the toilet through the three little holes. Take the cup out and insert it. For microwave use: Just fill it with some water, place your cup inside and close the lid. Place the Carry Cup in the microwave for 2-3 minutes. You menstrual cup is ready for use or for your next period. Perfectly sized for your handbag. You can also use it to store your menstrual cup when you don't have your period.

When and how often should I sterilise my menstrual cup?

The good news is that you no longer need to boil a menstrual cup in water on the stove. With the MissVerde Carry Cup steriliser disinfection is much easier than you think. Getting it right is the key to keeping the cup in perfect condition so you may use it for years to come.

Disinfect your cup before use. After that it is recommended to do it at least once a month. It is usually a good practice to sterilise your menstrual cup just after your period is over. Many people also sterilise it before and after each cycle. It is important to know that sterilisation should not be done without first emptying the cup.

Cleaning a menstrual cup: what NOT to use

Generally, it is not recommended to clean a menstrual cup with the following products: perfumed or antibacterial soaps, vinegar, tea tree oil, oil-based soaps, alcohol-based soaps, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, alcohol-based soaps, hand rub alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, bleach, or other harsh chemicals. It is important to avoid these types of cleaning products, as they are not designed for internal use and may compromise or damage the condition of the cup. Moreover, it is also not advisable to wash the menstrual cup in the dishwasher. Even if it seems clean, the cup will still have the chemicals from the dishwasher detergent on its surface. These are not chemicals designed to be placed internally.

Use the Carry Cup steriliser as a menstrual cup holder

The sterilising Carry Cup can also be used to store your menstrual cup when you don't have your period, or if you carry a spare cup in your bag.

Why use a menstrual cup?

MissVerde cups are an eco-friendly substitute for disposable menstrual products. Made of 100% medical silicone, our cups are reusable intimate hygiene containers. Medical silicone is a non-polluting material that does not alter or change the body's natural bacterial flora. Caring for our planet and our intimate health belong to the movement that advocates using hygiene products that leave little impact on the planet and are 100% safe for our health. This eco-friendly alternative is low-cost and can last up to 10 years.

Are menstrual cups safe for your body?

Yes! Our MissVerde menstrual cup is a reusable product made of soft and hypoallergenic medical grade silicone, specially designed for comfortable and practical use. It collects the flow instead of absorbing it. The MissVerde cup fits the body without causing any leakage, respecting the vaginal flora as well as its pH.

MissVerde menstrual cups are 100% free of toxins!

All MissVerde menstrual cups are BPA-free, contain no harmful substances such as plastic, latex, and are ECO-friendly. They are also 100% compatible with the zero-waste movement. Vegan product!

Is using menstrual cups low-cost?

Yes! By using reusable products we save a lot of money and at the same time help the environment. In one year every menstruating person spends at least €50 on disposable products, whereas the MissVerde cup is reusable and costs only €14.99. If you use it for 10 years, you pay just €1.49 per year.

Are MissVerde menstrual cups sustainable?

MissVerde menstrual cups are made from medical silicone which is made from silica, which is found in sand. This silicone is manufactured by a chemical process from natural materials, so the ash that remains is not harmful to the environment. When it's time to say goodbye, you can burn it to ash. Its incineration does not generate toxic smoke. If for some reason it ends up in nature, it will decompose slowly without affecting the environment.