Ecological Highly absorbent menstrual underwear

Order your eco-friendly & sustainable menstrual underwear

MissVerde menstrual panties are made from 100% ecological and sustainable materials. Materials with the latest technology and incorporating absorbent and resistant layers in the gusset. Forget disposable products like tampons or pads and try our eco-friendly menstrual panties.

100% sustainable, MissVerde's absorbent menstrual panties offer you incredible comfort. Imagine for a moment being able to go a whole day without worrying to carry tampons or pads in your bag. MissVerde absorbent menstrual panties are so comfortable that you'll wear them like any other underwear, but with incredible absorbency.

4 capas protección transpirable ultra absorbente impermeable pul exterior suave

MissVerde menstrual underwear is super thin

Our absorbent menstrual panties have high absorbency which allows you to wear them without worrying up to 8 hours. MissVerde's absorbent menstrual panties have 4 layers -in just 3mm- each with a specific function, keeping you safe and dry for up to 8 hours. Our absorbent panties block leakage and keep you comfortable and secure all day long.

Frequently asked questions about menstrual underwear

What are menstrual panties and how do they work?

Menstrual panties are undergarments specifically designed to be worn during menstruation. They work in a very simple way: in the crotch area they have a gusset made up of several absorbent layers that trap and absorb menstrual flow. This keeps the fluid away from your skin.

How do I choose the correct size for my menstrual underwear?

To choose the right size of absorbent menstrual panties we recommend you to measure your hips and consult our size guide. You can find it in the description of each model. It is important to make sure that the absorbent menstrual panties have a comfortable fit and are not too tight, to ensure perfect and long-lasting protection.

Are menstrual panties suitable for all types of flow?

Yes, absorbent menstrual panties are suitable for different levels of flow. Our menstrual panties are prepared for light, moderate and heavy flow and to suit the needs of each person. It is important that you check the absorbency level on our models.

How long can I wear my menstrual underwear before I need to change them?

The length of time you can wear menstrual panties before changing them varies depending on your menstrual flow. In general our menstrual panties guarantee you protection for 8 hours. It is important to listen to your body and change your menstrual panty when necessary.

How to wash and care for my menstrual underwear?

Absorbent menstrual panties are washed in a similar way to conventional underwear. Rinse first in cold water to remove excess blood and then machine wash cold or hand wash with a mild detergent. Avoid using fabric softeners and bleach. Then air dry, never tumble dry. For more information you can follow our absorbent menstrual panty care guide. Unlike the competition, MissVerde menstrual panties will last for 3 to 5 years if you follow these care instructions.

Can I wear menstrual panties at night?

Yes, you can. Our absorbent menstrual panties are designed to give you protection during long periods, including sleeping hours. Thanks to the long absorbent layer that goes all the way to the waist, our models offer perfect protection during the night because with our menstrual panties you can sleep without any worries, even if you sleep on your back. Remember that it is important when choosing your menstrual panty to select a panty with absorbency that matches your nightly flow.

Are menstrual panties suitable for women with sensitive skin or allergies?

Menstrual panties are made from 100% natural and hypoallergenic materials, such as cotton or bamboo. However, if in doubt, it is advisable to consult your doctor before use.

Can or should I use alternative methods together with menstrual panties?

MissVerde menstrual panties are designed to control menstrual flow without the need for alternative methods such as pads or tampons. But some women feel more comfortable with more protection. In those cases we recommend using the MissVerde menstrual cup.

Can I wear menstrual underwear while doing sport?

Yes, menstrual knickers are ideal for any sport. They offer comfort and protection without any restriction of movement, allowing you to practice your favourite sport without worrying about menstruation. With our menstrual knickers you dont have to interrupt your sporting routine to change menstrual products.

What are the advantages of period panties in terms of sustainability?

MissVerde absorbent period panties are sustainable as they are reusable and reduce the amount of menstrual waste generated compared to single-use products such as tampons or sanitary towels. The choice of menstrual panties contributes to the preservation of the environment and the reduction of the ecological footprint.

What is bamboo fibre and what are its benefits?

Bamboo is a perennial plant from which bamboo fibre, a man-made viscose of natural origin, is obtained. Compared to other trees, the use of bamboo requires fewer natural resources because it grows quickly in dense forests and without the need for pesticides and fertilisers. The extraordinary breathability and freshness that bamboo fibre provides to your skin allows it to breathe freely. It is full of micropores and has a high absorption capacity making our briefs ideal for both period and bladder weakness.