Period swimwear for women and girls

  • Bikini menstrual back

    Fits like a glove

    Our menstrual swimwear for girls is designed to fit the body perfectly. It feels just like regular swimwear, because of its ultra-thin protective absorption layers.

  • bikini menstrual niñas

    Different styles

    We offer a wide range of styles, from one-piece swimsuits with adjustable straps to bikini styles including high-waisted briefs and bikinis with adjustable side strings.

  • Comfort without leaks

    Our menstrual bikini bottoms and swimsuits offer all the comfort for sports and fun during your period.

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Frequently asked questions about menstrual swimwear

What is period swimwear?

Menstrual swimwear has the same look and feel as traditional swimwear. The main difference is that they are designed with a hidden leak-proof lining. With the MissVerde menstrual swimwear collection you can enjoy the water all year round, even during your period. There's no need to use tampons!

Why choose MissVerde period swimwear?

We know that it is essential to always offer the best menstrual products to suit your needs, whether your flow is heavy, moderate or light.

That's why, with MissVerde, you can be sure that all our menstrual collections are the perfect accompaniment to all your activities.

Enjoy the water all year round, also during your period.

Our swimwear is: ✓ Extremely comfortable ✓Waterproof outer layer ✓Quickly absorbs blood. Absorbency: Up to three pads or tampons. ✓ Flattering fit ✓ Affordable ✓ High elasticity. ✓ Light to moderate absorbency ✓Specifically designed for young/teenage bodies. ✓ Ultra-flattering cut ✓ Four-way stretch ✓ High waisted. teen period swimwear that is both functional and fashionable.

Leak-proof technology. Machine washable.

What are the advantages?

Enjoy the water all year round with MissVerde's menstrual swimwear collection:

  • Soft and comfortable.
  • Waterproof outer layer.
  • Immediate absorption.
  • Flattering fit.
  • High elasticity.
  • Light to moderate absorbency.
  • Machine washable.
  • Absorbency: Up to three pads or tampons.

Sustainable and reusable period swimwear

Sustainability and respect for the environment is an increasingly important factor in our lives and in the lives of young people.

MissVerde was born with the intention to support sustainability and to enable us to be respectful of the planet we live on.

Traditional menstrual products contain plastics and are disposable. Our menstrual products are toxic free and reusable, which means we avoid irreparable damage to the planet, so go green with MissVerde, don't miss out on our great selection and enjoy MissVerde´s quality.

Don't be shy or ashamed, menstrual swimwear with the newest technology

Although menstruation is nothing to be ashamed of, it is often a taboo subject, especially for girls and teenagers. MissVerde menstrual swimwear for women and girls allows you to wear your period very discreetly.

Menstrual swimsuits and bikinis are visually indistinguishable from normal swimwear and have the same feel.

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