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Menstrual thong cotton

Menstrual thong cotton

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This period thong is perfect for light flow days and is made of stretchy cotton. It is breathable, absorbent and very comfortable. A symbol of femininity and sensuality, even when you are on your period.

All our menstrual panty models are OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified.


Choosing the right size for your underwear is important to prevent the side straps from being too tight or too wide. Check out our size guide to get the right size for you.

tanga algodón tallas sizes

Absorption capacity

Light flow: 5-10ml

For menstruation: 2 tampons/pads

Flow chart MissVerde menstrual underwear ropa interior menstruacion

Materials and washing

You can wash your menstrual thong either by hand or in the washing machine. The thong offers strong protection, but should be washed gently. The first step to consider is to rinse the thong in cold water until it comes out clean. Then simply place it in the washing machine on a delicate cycle using cold water and mild detergents. Hang to dry.

Composition: 100% Cotton

Beneficios del Tanga Menstrual

Los tangas menstruales tienen una capacidad de absorción equivalente a 3 tampones, por lo que puede ofrecerte protección hasta 8 horas, por el día y por la noche. Podrás vivir tu menstruación sin ninguna limitación.
Son geniales para pieles sensibles ya que están diseñados con un algodón suave que es muy agradable para tu piel.
Además puedes ahorrar cada mes ya que con los cuidados adecuados pueden durar hasta 5 años.

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  • Sustainable underwear

    The MissVerde menstrual thong is washable and reusable. It completely replaces the use of disposable products, such as tampons or pantyliners. The thong is made of soft and breathable cotton, your best ally for the first or last days of your period.

  • Tangas Menstruales MissVerde

    No leakage

    The period thong has an absorbent and waterproof gusset that keeps you dry and protected for up to 8 hours. It does not mark under your clothes, giving you full freedom and security of movement without leaking.

  • Fun colours

    In this MissVerde collection you can choose different colours. The most basic colour of this collection is black, but there are also more original and striking colours available, such as apple green, salmon pink and lilac.

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Frequently asked questions about period thongs

Can you wear a thong when you are on your period?

Of course you can. The MissVerde sensual underwear can also be worn during your period. The MissVerde menstrual thong is perfect for days with light flow and offers protection for up to 8 hours. You will feel comfortable, dry and secure.

Why choose a thong when you are on your period?

Having your period doesn't mean you have to change your wardrobe. Our menstrual thong is just like your everyday thong but with extra protection. You can continue to wear the clothes you are used to in your day to day life as it doesn't show and it is perfect for wearing under dresses, skirts or trousers of tighter fitting models or thinner fabrics.

Can you see a period thong underneath the clothes?

Our menstrual thong is the same as our everyday thong with the difference that it has a built-in gusset that gives you protection for up to 8 hours for light menstruation and is perfect for wearing under dresses, skirts and tighter fitting trousers or thinner fabrics as it does not show under clothing.


Switching to MissVerde menstrual underwear means helping our planet. Each period panty replaces and reduces the use of tampons and pads, and in this way we avoid adding to the amount of plastic and menstrual waste that ends up in our seas and landfills every day.

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Joosje Klamer
Mooi en sexy voor op lichte dagen

Super fijne string en zit erg lekker, valt aan de ruime kant maar is niet te groot. Ik draag graag strings maar heb een hekel aan die inlegkruisjes voor strings die niet op hun plek blijven zitten. De binnenkant bij het kruisje is zwart maar dat zie je niet aan de buitenkant dus dat is ook goed. Ik heb de zwarte en de roze, blij mee!!