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Menstrual bikini, high waist and strings

Menstrual bikini, high waist and strings

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Introducing our menstrual swimwear for all year round. Whatever the season: winter, spring, summer or autumn, MissVerde menstrual menstrual bikinis and menstrual one-piece swimsuits will be the best allies for your gym, beach or pool visits. This high-waist bikini top with drawstring hips fits your body perfectly, looks great and also conceals a bloated tummy. An essential basic that goes with everything.

Nivel de absorción: 🩸🩸🩸 flujo moderado

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High-waisted bikini bottoms with super trendy side gathers, finished with strings that allow you to adjust the fit on your hips. Soft and comfortable, quick-drying fabric. These bikini bottoms are beautiful, comfortable and discreetly absorbent.

Bikini top not included.

All our menstrual bikini bottoms are OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified.

Composition and washing

You can wash your menstrual swimming costumes either by hand or in the washing machine. The swimsuits have strong protection, but should be washed gently. The first step to remember is to rinse them in cold water until the water runs clear. Then simply place in the washing machine on a delicate cycle using cold water and mild detergents. Hang to dry.


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  • Leak-proof

    Our MissVerde menstrual bikini is designed to adapt perfectly to your body and offer the same comfort as regular swimwear, due to its ultra-thin protective absorption layer.

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    Comfort and security

    The period bikini offers all the comfort for sport when you're on your period. You can exercise without discomfort, shame or insecurity and enjoy your healthy active life. There's no need to use tampons!

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    Our menstrual bikinis are reusable and are made from quick-drying, crease and fade resistant fabric. It keeps its shape and maintains its quality, so it is perfect for the beach and pool.

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Where do you store your bikini?

When you've had a wonderful day at the beach or pool, use this handy waterproof bag to store your used menstrual swimsuit or bikini. Take a pair of MissVerde menstrual briefs with you for a change of clothes. You'll be well prepared for the whole day without any worries.

Frequently asked questions about period-proof bikinis

What is menstrual swimwear?

Menstrual swimwear has the same look and feel as traditional swimwear. The main difference is that they are designed with a hidden leak-proof lining.

With the MissVerde menstrual swimwear collection you can enjoy the water all year round, even during your period. There's no need to use tampons!

Why should menstrual swimwear be in your collection

On the beach, in the pool or relaxing at the spa, MissVerde menstrual bikinis offer you the safety and comfort you need.

These menstrual bikinis are just as comfortable as conventional swimsuits. They also feel the same, but have an extra built-in security: its ultra-thin waterproof absorbent layer.

We know that it is essential to always offer the best menstrual product that adapts to all needs, whether for light, moderate or heavy flows.

With MissVerde you can be sure that all our collections of menstrual products will be the perfect accompaniment for all your activities. Try it now!

What are the advantages?

Enjoy the water all year round with MissVerde's menstrual swimwear collection:

  • Soft and comfortable.
  • Waterproof outer layer.
  • Immediate absorption.
  • Flattering fit.
  • High elasticity.
  • Light to moderate absorbency.
  • Machine washable.
  • Absorbency: Up to three pads or tampons.

Sustainable, reusable period swimwear

Sustainability and respect for the environment is an increasingly important factor in our lives and in the lives of young people. MissVerde was born with the intention to support sustainability and to enable us to be respectful of the planet we live on. Traditional menstrual products contain plastics and are disposable. Our menstrual products are toxic free and reusable, which means we avoid irreparable damage to the planet. Go green with MissVerde!

Yes, we know the feeling of being concerned about the environment and not knowing what to do to help. At MissVerde we want to make sure this is no longer a problem. Whether you use pads or tampons, you'll find the right model for every occasion in our wide range of sustainable menstrual products for women and girls. You can help reduce the problem of menstrual waste by using sustainable menstrual products.

With the newest menstrual swimwear technology, there's nothing to be embarrassed about

Menstruation, or periods, is nothing to be ashamed of but it is often a taboo subject, especially for girls and teenagers. MissVerde menstrual swimwear for women and girls allows you to wear your period very discreetly.

Menstrual swimsuits and bikinis are visually indistinguishable from normal swimwear and have the same feel.

Switch to MissVerde menstrual products!

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