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Sport one-piece Period swimsuit for girls Bonded

Sport one-piece Period swimsuit for girls Bonded

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The menstrual sports swimming costume for girls and teens is ideal for any water activity during your period. You'll be able to enjoy your favourite activity without worrying about unwanted leaks. Plus, thanks to its perfect fit, you'll have complete freedom of movement, so you'll feel totally secure when doing your favourite sport in the water.

Absorption capacity: 🩸🩸🩸 moderate

  • From 8 to 17 years
  • Up to 8h protection
  • SPF50
  • Seamless!
  • Reusable
  • Leak-proof
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Full menstrual swimsuit with padding for girls and teenagers. It's a very soft swimsuit that fits your body perfectly, so you won't lack freedom when doing any water activity. Its absorbent layer keeps you safe both in and out of the water, thanks to the perfect fit it prevents fluids from leaking out.

  • Classic model in black.
  • Wide straps for greater comfort in the water.
  • Perfect fit thanks to its elastic and flexible fabric.
  • Its fabric protects you from the sun's rays.

Move to the beat of your sports menstrual swimsuit for girls and teenagers, thanks to its elastic and flexible materials the menstrual swimming costume moves with you. You will have a unique feeling of movement.

Keeps blood in, keeps water out!

Advantages and benefits

Advantages of using the menstrual sports swimsuit

There are many advantages and benefits of wearing menstrual swimwear for girls and teenagers:

  • Protects against leaks: the menstrual sports swimming costume retains menstrual flow thanks to its absorbent technology that can retain your menstrual flow and guarantees you 100% safety in the water.
  • No additional methods: Unlike other swimming costumes, with the girls' menstrual sports swimming costume you don't need to use any other method for menstruation, like tampons. Thanks to its technology, little girls can use the swimsuit without worrying about anything but enjoying the water.
  • Very easy to use: thanks to its strong protection, you only need to put it on like a normal swimming costume. You don't need any alternative method of protection.
  • No more disposable products: thanks to the menstrual sports swimsuit you don't have to bother with uncomfortable disposable products during your swims.
  • Very discreet: the menstrual sports swimming costume for girls can be used with and without menstruation. Thanks to its ultra-thin absorbent layer, no one will notice that you are wearing a menstrual swimming costume, so you can use it on any occasion without having to buy another swimming costume for when you don't have your period.

Materials and washing

Our menstrual swimsuits are made of stretchy, flexible materials that move with you, giving you a feeling of freedom of movement, and can be washed by hand or in the washing machine. All swimwear has strong protection, but should be washed gently. The first step is to rinse them in cold water until the water runs clear. Then simply place in the washing machine on a delicate cycle using cold water and mild detergents. Hang to dry.

Composition: Recycled nylon spandex.

All our products are OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified.

Ideal for all water sports and activities

Its elasticity and flexibility make the menstrual sports swimming costume for girls fit perfectly to the body, making it an ideal menstrual swimsuit for water activities. Its discreet and timeless design makes it a perfect menstrual swimming costume to wear at any time of the year, whether you are menstruating or not.

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Softness and comfort on your period

The one-piece menstrual sports swimsuit is made of elastic and flexible materials that move as you do. With this menstrual swimming costume you will have incredible freedom of movement without having to use any additional method for your menstruation. The absorbent layers are ultra-thin and unnoticeable.

Where to store your menstrual swimsuit?

After a wonderful day at the beach or pool, use this practical waterproof bag to store your menstrual swimwear. You can also take a MissVerde menstrual panty with you for a change of clothes. This way you are well prepared for a fun day out.

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