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Set of 2 Menstrual briefs bamboo fibre

Set of 2 Menstrual briefs bamboo fibre

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These stylish menstrual briefs are made of high quality bamboo fibre fabric, providing excellent comfort and exceptional softness. They are highly absorbent, ideal for retaining menstrual flow. The menstrual panties are designed for moderate menstrual flow and are reusable.


Pack of 2 stylish reusable menstrual briefs with lace. This model is made of bamboo fibre which contains natural antibacterial agents. The antibacterial properties allow the bamboo fabric to retain its freshness and effectiveness, even after several washes, which contributes to the durability. Ideal for those looking for a durable, fresh and comfortable garment.


To find the perfect menstrual brief for you, check the size guide.

Size chart clasico fibra de bambu MissVerde

Absorption capacity

  • Moderate-heavy flow: 20-25ml
  • For menstruation: 4 tampons/pads
  • Overnight protection

Composition and washing

You can wash your menstrual panties either by hand or in the washing machine. For more detailed instructions please see our care guide.

Composition: Bamboo fibre, spandex.

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  • MissVerde Encaje Braga

    Natural temperature regulation

    The bamboo fabric has a porous structure that allows air to circulate, which helps to keep the skin dry and cool. In winter, it retains body heat, while in summer, it helps to keep the body cool by allowing heat to dissipate. This is especially beneficial when you are on your period.

  • Extremely absorbent fabric

    Bamboo is known to be highly absorbent and has the ability to retain a large amount of fluid, making it ideal for use during menstruation. As a breathable material, it provides a dry and comfortable feeling at all times.

  • Naturally anti-bacterial

    The antibacterial properties in bamboo help to keep menstrual panties clean, fresh and odour-free, retaining efficacy even after several washes, which contributes to the durability of the product.