What's menstrual sustainability?

What is menstrual sustainability and how can we have a more sustainable period?

Taking care of our planet and our intimate health is a new movement that advocates using reusable feminine hygiene products. We opt for a smaller impact on the planet by avoiding disposable products, such as sanitary pads, tampons and pantyliners, but instead choose reusable items that are 100% safe for your health. No toxins, no plastic, no excess waste but an innovative, new and different way of experiencing the natural process of menstruating. 

MissVerde explores having a greener period. We offer solutions and know-how to experience your menstruation in a sustainable (greener) way. 

Pads and tampons are still the most popular options to use during menstruation but most of these disposable products are made of plastic and contain chemicals such as chlorine, plastics or petroleum. The impact of the use of non-reusable products is something to be taken seriously given that each menstruating person consumes thousands of pads and tampons during almost four decades of their life, even more counting incontinence management, so menstruation is undoubtedly costly both in economic and environmental terms. 

In the case of reusable products, the economic investment is something to be valued, as the initial cost of alternative sustainable methods seems to be somewhat higher. However, over time the use of non-disposable or reusable alternatives saves money. 

For example, in one year a menstruating person spends at least at least €50 on tampons or sanitary pads. The MissVerde menstrual cup costs only €16.99. Cups can last up to 10 years and you only pay €1.69 per year. Another huge benefit of using a menstrual cup is that you contribute to zero-waste. Equally positive in terms of economic investment and sustainable attitude is the use of our menstrual panties. Menstrual underwear costs start at €29.99 and they last up to 5 years, which is only €6 per year.

The menstrual cup has been a real revolution in recent years. They are intimate hygiene containers made of 100% medical grade silicone, plastic-free, non-polluting material that does not alter or change the body's natural bacterial flora. This ecological alternative is very affordable as it can last up to ten years. Menstrual panties stand out as a more body-friendly and environmentally friendly alternative, as they are reusable, toxic-free products made of organic cotton or bamboo fibre. We offer different styles and models. Our newest addition to the absorbent undergarment collection is especially fit for girls and teenagers who do not want to use uncomfortable disposable menstrual products that contain toxins.

By using reusable products we save a lot of money and help to protect the environment.

Having a more sustainable period is now possible and very easy!

MissVerde: we respect your health, as well as the health of our planet.

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