Deporte y Menstruación con la ropa menstrual deportiva

Menstrual sportswear

Have you ever used your period as an excuse to skip gym class or get out of going to the gym? So have we. But from now on, sport and menstruation don't have to be at odds.

Keeping active is essential to keep your body and mind healthy, and it is especially beneficial to exercise in the days leading up to the start of your period and during menstruation, as it will help you deal with discomfort. Just make sure that the exercises you do are of a lower intensity. In addition, doing sport favours the generation of endorphins (the happiness-hormone), something that comes in handy when we are having ´those days´.

With all the benefits of exercise, you shouldn’t let menstruation stop you from being active. If your training plans have been cut short or if you've had any doubts about how and when you should exercise during your period, we have the solution: menstrual sportswear.

In this article we explain everything you need to know about menstrual sportswear and its benefits - take note!

Sport and menstruation

Exercising helps to promote a healthy lifestyle for most people. Still, many women and girls wonder if it is possible to exercise during menstruation. There are many taboos associated with menstruation, and exercise is one of them. While having your period is a normal and healthy part of being a woman, when you are on your period, our way of life can suddenly be somewhat affected, as it can make us feel more bloated, irritable, achy or with a headache, among other common symptoms during menstruation.

So, can you do sports when you're on your period? The answer is short and easy: of course you can! In fact, you shouldn't let your period stop you from being active!

Nowadays, women have more and more alternatives for doing sport in a safe and comfortable way, such as the MissVerde menstrual sports leggings, which have exceptional elasticity to give you the freedom of movement you're used to in your day-to-day life. Simply choose the activities that suit you and the way you feel.

The truth is that we can thank and pay tribute to the great women in the world of sport, who have normalised sport and menstruation and this needs to be visible. This is, for example, the case of tennis player Alicia Barnett, who requested the modification of the dress code at Wimbledon, which was totally white, or the English footballer Beth Mead, who requested the same. Because, yes, menstruation can affect us when it comes to our attire.

What are menstrual sports leggings?

We can imagine you are wondering what MissVerde menstrual leggings are and how they work.

Well, menstrual sportswear and more specifically menstrual leggings are the latest innovation in menstrual hygiene. Because of menstrual sportswear, training during your period will not give you a headache or discomfort, but quite the opposite. The MissVerde menstrual leggings provide us with the comfort we need so much during those days. It was only a matter of time, now that menstrual panties and menstrual cups are becoming more and more popular. You can take a look at these products in our menstrual cup catalogue by clicking here.

No need to worry about your flow during menstruation, as these new menstrual sports leggings are able to absorb even the heaviest flow, so no more fear of leaks or stains!

From the outside, there is nothing aesthetically different from normal sports leggings. Except, the inside has an absorption and leakage containment system, made up of several layers, made of breathable fabrics to keep your intimate area always dry, clean and fresh.

MissVerde menstrual sports leggings

As you can see, our menstrual leggings are the perfect alternative to traditional methods of feminine hygiene during your period. They have extra protection with high absorbency for menstrual flow (absorbs up to 40ml of fluid, including blood and sweat). Plus, they are made of odour-free fabrics that are kind to your skin, your intimate area and the environment.

The MissVerde sportswear collection features different models to suit your sporting needs. In our catalogue you will find menstrual leggings with long yoga active-wear or short leggings, all of them in a wide range of sizes (pppssstt..and very soon, also in different colours!). You can check out our menstrual leggings here.

Advantages of menstrual sports leggings

For many women one of the main obstacles to exercising during menstruation is the fear of leakage. Another major deterrent is being uncomfortable with the idea of others noticing that you are on your period. In addition, pads can move around, make noises and make you sweat in your crotch, often causing irritation in the groin area.

That's why MissVerde's menstrual sports leggings are specifically designed to protect you during menstruation and are invisible to the naked eye. They are suitable for light, moderate and heavy flow, completely replacing pads, tampons and panty liners. MissVerde leggings are 100% leak-proof! If it would make you feel more confident, you can always complement the menstrual leggings with the MissVerde menstrual cup.

MissVerde Menstrual leggings for sports provide total comfort and peace of mind. They are a reliable companion for running, yoga or going to the gym. The multi-layer lining technology keeps you dry and comfortable during menstruation, or any time you need extra protection.

Plus, our menstrual leggings feature seamless technology. This means they shape your figure and allow you to concentrate on your movements. They prevent cuts and marks on the skin or belly area - it'll look like you're wearing nothing at all! And they fit like a glove.

What's more? Our menstrual sports leggings are sustainable. Our goal is to offer sustainable solutions for periods, and reduce the menstrual waste that impacts our planet every day.

How to wash menstrual sports leggings?

This may be an issue that worries you, but we assure you that cleaning menstrual sports leggings is almost the same as cleaning normal leggings. Washing them won't complicate your life. The washing method is exactly the same as for menstrual panties: First you should rinse them in cold water and then you can put them in the washing machine with a maximum temperature of 30º and, preferably, in a programme for delicate garments. This is the only way to keep them as perfect as the first day and to extend their useful life. When it comes to drying them, avoid tumble drying. It is better to dry them naturally and in the open air.

At MissVerde we want you to enjoy yourself while you move. With our menstrual leggings you will enjoy sports and that nothing will stop you. The MissVerde team believes that - if you have the right menstrual clothes- you can do anything, even sport while on your period. That's why it's essential that sportswear makes women feel comfortable and protected during their period. There is still a huge amount of shame and social stigma around menstruation and we want to use this moment to inspire future generations, to show young girls that there is no need for menstruation to be a barrier to doing any sport.

Our menstrual sports line is perfect to wear whether you are going running, aerobics, to the gym, etc. They fit perfectly to the body, just like conventional garments. You'll completely forget you're on your period. Buy your menstrual leggings here to keep you moving.


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