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What is incontinence underwear and how does it work?

Incontinence underwear - what is it and how do you use absorbent briefs for incontinence?

If you suffer from incontinence, chances are you are using an absorbent product to manage it. Absorbent products are often a constant in the arsenal of incontinence patients and in most cases people resort to disposable products. With this blog we want to inform you that this is not the only option anymore.  Also, we are going to show you reusable incontinence products that are not only stylish and comfortable, but also help to reduce pressure on the environment. In addition to this blog we advise you to also read the frequently asked questions on our website about reusable incontinence underwear. We promise, it’s certainly a trend you'll want to try!

Who is reusable incontinence underwear for?

Our revolutionary underwear is designed specifically for people with mild to moderate incontinence problems. It is made to absorb and hold urine, to prevent leakage and keep the skin dry and healthy. Also known as “pull-ups", as these one-piece garments are easy to put on and take off. Absorbent briefs have varying levels of absorbency for both day and night and are a great option for those looking for a more traditional and discreet protection.


How do reusable incontinence briefs work?

Our incontinence underwear is exactly what it sounds like: reusable absorbent briefs that are able to absorb urine leakage and, after being washed, can be reused like normal underwear. The main difference is that reusable underwear has a built-in gusset that absorbs urine leakage. This absorption helps to reduce chafing and stinging, making incontinence briefs a much more pleasant experience. The briefs feature a waterproof outer layer and sealed seams to ensure there are no leaks, the material of this product has a multi-layer technology that wicks moisture away from the body to eliminate skin irritation and the need to change underwear during the day. It also neutralises odours and provides anti-bacterial protection for added comfort. The great advantage is that it is 100% washable and reusable. No more embarrassing trips to the supermarket and no more environmentally unfriendly disposable pads.

MissVerde incontinence underwear high waist cotton

MissVerde's absorbent briefs meet all the essential requirements for incontinence underwear:

1. Sealed seams to contain leaks

2. Super absorbent capacity

3. Discreet design

4. Ability to completely neutralise unpleasant odours

5. Multilayer technology keeps skin dry and reduces irritation

6. Anti-allergenic with no substances that pose a health risk

7. Soft and comfortable against the skin

What are the advantages of absorbent briefs?

Incontinence briefs have many advantages. Some of the main ones are:

✓ Cost. Indeed, MissVerde incontinence underwear may seem a little expensive at first. However, given the cost of disposables, and the fact that you have to keep buying them over and over again, reusables are cheaper in the long run. You'll save money because you won't have to throw the garment or pads away after each use. And be aware of what you're paying for: it's not normal underwear. It's underwear designed specifically to absorb urine leakage, with patented technology - specifically for incontinence. MissVerde offers panties that feature wicking and absorbent technology to keep you dry, special fabrics that help eliminate odour and stylish designs that are hard to find in disposable products.

✓ Looks just like underwear. Reusable incontinence underwear features a stylish and comfortable design. Our briefs, slips and boxers have the same look and feel as everyday underwear, but provides the added security of an extra built-in absorbency feature that offers comfort and discreet support for light to moderate incontinence. Due to the softer, stretchier, natural and non-toxic materials, our undergarments are more comfortable than disposable products. No one will know you are wearing incontinence briefs.

✓ They are machine washable. The great thing about reusables is that you can put them in the washing machine and wash them as you would normal lingerie or underwear. As with all incontinence products, it is important to make a reasonable estimate of how many panties you will need in a given period of time to ensure you have enough to allow for drying between washes.

✓ Safe protection. Feel the comfort and protection you need against urine leakage, with maximum discretion. Everyday life is often difficult for people suffering from incontinence. People may avoid being away from home for long periods of time and many sufferers isolate themselves for fear of unexpected leakage and embarrassment. Many are reluctant to wear nappies or disposable pads when playing sports or working. Disposable pads are difficult to change on the go and give a feeling of wearing baby clothes or humiliation. However, absorbent gussets inside our briefs, boxers or slips provide perfect protection for all levels of light to moderate incontinence for women and men.

✓ Health. Urinary incontinence can be an embarrassing problem that can affect social life, leading to isolation, which affects physical and psychological health. A feature that makes incontinence briefs an attractive alternative is the psychological support that will make you your worries disappear. Absorbent pull-on underwear can be pulled down easily, encouraging independence while providing protection against accidents. In addition, the materials and design are more similar to normal underwear than to disposable absorbent products. The panties contribute to a person's well-being and safety, improving their quality of life. Feel the comfort and protection you need against urine leakage, with maximum discretion.

They are not just for urine leakage. The panties are very versatile and are designed not only for urine leaks: they can be used for light and moderate incontinence, menstruation or even sweating, making the decision of what to wear at any given moment a piece of cake.

✓ Eco-friendly! Are you concerned about the environment? Using reusable incontinence underwear will give you peace of mind that you're not contributing to landfill or unnecessary waste.

✓ Wonderfully discreet. MissVerde incontinence underwear for men and women are far more discreet than disposable products. Our products really look like normal underwear, other people are unlikely to suspect that you're wearing an absorbent product.

✓ Increase self-esteem. The secure feeling of protection and the freedom of living your life without worrying, make you feel as good as you did before, boosting your self-esteem.

The inside of our incontinence underwear, also know as the gusset:

MissVerde Incontinence gusset close-up

Go from relying on disposable products to wearing incredibly comfortable, machine washable high-rise underwear that will protect you every day. Available in our shop under Lingerie > Incontinence > women/man. We offer high waist and low waist models for women, a slip and a boxershort for men, in size ranges S to 2XL in the colours black and white.


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