Bragas menstruales para niñas y adolescentes: Las razones por las que las adolescentes y las chicas deberían llevar ropa interior menstrual sostenible.

Menstrual panties for girls and teens: Why adolescent girls and teenage girls should wear sustainable menstrual underwear.

The first menstruation is an important step on the road to adulthood. This natural process is often accompanied by doubts and questions. Among other things, the question arises as to which period product is the best. Whereas in the past there was only a choice between sanitary towels and tampons, today we have much more options. In addition to disposable products, there are also menstrual cups and period underwear. The latter is not only more sustainable, but also more suitable for beginners. In particular, menstrual panties are very comfortable for girls and teenagers, as they hardly differ from normal underwear and therefore require little explanation. In this blog we will explain the reasons why girls and adolescents should wear sustainable menstrual underwear.


Menstrual underwear comes in different styles and has different degrees of absorbency covering all the needs of every girl. 

Our underwear is leak-proof. Menstrual panties are highly absorbent, due to specially designed layers with the latest innovative technologies, such as MissVerde's double Bonded Liquid Lock technology. These layers prevent blood loss by ´locking it in´ and helping you enjoy your day without any worries.

Menstrual knickers for girls MissVerde Bonded

Briefs have an invisible absorbent area in the crotch, called the gusset. This is an absorbent area sewn into the underwear, just where a sanitary pad would go, which is so thin that you can't see it. Unlike disposable pads, there is nothing noticeable inside the panty and there is no risk of it slipping out or moving. So, girls don't have to worry about anyone seeing that they're on their period, and they can play sports without fear.

Keeps them dry. Menstrual briefs contain a moisture-wicking material that keeps you comfortable.

They are reusable and have minimal environmental impact compared to disposable alternatives. If well cared for, menstrual underwear will last for many years. This helps to preserve the environment without generating waste, which is a very important factor in our girls' lives today.

They are machine washable. MissVerde menstrual panties can be washed by hand in cold water or in the washing machine with a small amount of mild detergent. This way, the briefs stay in perfect condition. Simply place them in the washing machine on a delicate cycle, using cold water and mild detergents.

Menstrual panties for girls are designed with an extended back, can have more volume and are ideal for all-night protection

You can choose from different styles, absorbency levels and colours. Whichever model you choose, all MissVerde menstrual knickers are made with an absorbent material, which retains your period flow, a layer that prevents leakage, and a layer of moisture protection to feel dry.

Girl with Menstrual briefs for girls and teenagers colours pink green grey

No smells. MissVerde panties not only have an antimicrobial coating that eliminates bacteria and odours, but the gusset is specially treated to absorb odours.

They are really, really easy to use. Just slip them on, like a normal pair of knickers, and get on with your daily life. It’s that simple!


Our menstrual briefs are more natural than disposable products. It's just like wearing normal, everyday underwear, except there’s are four super thin layers (3mm only!) that provide extra protection against leakage.


MissVerde menstrual panties are made from 100% eco-friendly materials, free of toxic substances and are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. They are fully reusable and reduce menstrual waste, making a big difference to the environment. 

They are sustainable. All our panties are reusable which means less waste; it also means spending less money on these products because you need less of them. A menstrual panty can be worn for up to 12 hours, depending on your flow.

How many times have you been out and about, were on your period and hadn’t taken any sanitary products with you, or run out of them? That doesn't happen with menstrual panties!

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